Why Health Coaching Is The Future

Your body is a complex system made up of numerous functions that keep you alive and vibrant and, when symptoms arise, it is vital to understand the root cause. Treating the symptoms may bring relief, and even cure, but does little to ensure they won’t redevelop. By getting to the root of the problem (understanding why the symptom developed in the first place) you can do more than just heal, and begin moving towards true vitality. But to do this, we need to acknowledge and respect your uniqueness.

You are beautifully unique. Everything about you – from your fingerprints to your DNA and Microbiome, and everything in between – is special. You are a gorgeous jigsaw puzzle, and before we can get to the root of your health concerns, we need to begin piecing it all together. This, in our opinion, is where modern-day “healthcare” gets it wrong. The focus is often the symptom itself, and the system leaves very little time for any investigation beyond the clinical. Doctors tend to see patients quickly and in succession, and don’t have the time (or sometimes the willingness) to dig any deeper. Your symptoms may be purely physiological, but very often other factors contribute to or even cause the problem. Stress, sleep, hydration, relationships, and every facet of your life ultimately contributes to your health and wellbeing.

A certified health coach is trained to investigate. We use Motivational Interviewing techniques to bring to the surface everything that may be contributing to your health concerns. With a deep understanding of various facets of human health, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to help them truly heal. Doctors and other medical practitioners have critical roles to play, but health coaches fill a major gap that they are unable or unwilling to fill.

By putting you at the center of it all, health coaches can do more than just help you heal. We can help you become your best self.

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