The Ideal Diet: More Opinions Than We Can Count

Filtering through today’s vast ocean of opinions on what to eat sometimes feels like an impossible task. Every expert has an opinion – and, quite often, these opinions can conflict with each other. For example, you have proponents of the Vegan Diet that claim (and can prove!) that it can cure all kinds of ailments. From reversing diabetes to stopping cancer in its tracks, it would seem that Veganism is the way to go. On the other side of the spectrum you have proponents of the Paleo diet that claim (and can also prove!) that it can cure all kinds of ailments. With these two diets obviously contradicting each other in terms of recommendations, which should you believe is better for you?

This isn’t about going Paleo or becoming a Vegan. This is a question of how the average person is supposed to navigate through all of this and figure out what to eat.

The choices we make when it comes to food are critical. The right choices ensure that our bodies function optimally, can detox efficiently, and supply us with the nutrients and energy we need to thrive. The wrong choices, however, can lead us to poor states of health and, in the most extreme cases, death. So, considering how important our diet is, who are we supposed to believe?

Your body is an incredible machine and it has built-in mechanisms to keep you safe. Far too often, unfortunately, we tend to ignore the warning signs and power through symptoms. Being aware of these signs and paying attention to how our food choices make us feel, is the best approach to take. This isn’t to say that expert opinions should’t be trusted or followed – they should be, but not blindly. Pay attention to your body and respect the signs it gives you.

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